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How We Learn to Thrive

The Cycle of Growth

How We Learn to Thrive

 It was 2002, and I received the call from Dr. Carroll Rinehart.

"Rinehart here... we're having coffee."

I knew who Carroll was and I was intrigued to be receiving a call from this legendary educator. A contemporary of Fred Rogers, a Lowell Scholar, the Co-Founder of the OMA Foundation, the former Director of Elementary School Music for TUSD, prolific author, and former professor of music education at the University of Arizona. Carroll and I knew of each other, and while I was the Associate Director of Bands at the University of Arizona, the then "retired" Dr. Rinehart hadn't showed any interest in connecting with me. To be fair, I had not showed any interest in connecting with him.

Little did I know that this one cup of coffee would lead to one of most life-changing mentors. 


How to create a healthier brain and elevate your energy!


Did you know that you can improve the speed and function of your brain with the kinds of fats and oils you cook with and eat? Well, you can! I have done this for many years and I suggest you keep reading this, and make these simple additions to your daily and weekly routine.

What are the skills that every young person needs?

How can adults (parents, teachers, mentors, etc.) help young people to learn the necessary skills for success in life? While it's true that young people need the care and support from the adults in their life, adults sometimes tend to over-protect their children, to the extent that there is now a meme known as "helicopter parents", which is related to tiger moms, or soccer dads, who are afraid of letting their kids make mistakes.