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The Online Community Platform That Leads To The Future

Incubator.org is an Online Community platform that merges multiple organizational features with private internal network functionality, enabling members to collaborate, grow, learn, reflect, and thrive more easily and securely in today’s complex world.

Incubator.org's Applications are all about relationships and interactions.

  1. Relevant content: Members are encouraged to produce useful and authentic content, and because it’s user-generated content (UGC) it's more likely to be discussed and shared.
  2. Mobile responsiveness: More people worldwide access the internet from mobile devices than from their desktop/laptop computer, so Incubator.org is mobile-responsive to make the online community experience more rewarding for members.
  3. Reputation system: As a way to motivate members and empower them to get to know and trust one another, Incubator.org has a robust reputation system, which is a structure that recognizes users for their participation in order to build trust through reputation.
  4. Gamification: Members are encouraged to participate, discuss, and share with each other more frequently, by being rewarded for their actions, like when a member posts something, replies with a comment, or gives kudos ("likes") on another member’s post.
  5. Performance measurement: It is beneficial to be able to measure the health of the Incubator.org online commmunity and take any action necessary to make improvements to the features and functions that matter the most to members. Incubator.org uses analytics to provide insights into member activities including: blogs articles that are written and published, courses that are taken and learned from, discussions that are participated in, and interactive responsiveness to the needs and interests of fellow members.
The Incubator.org online community platform has 4 main APPLICATIONS including:
  • Blogs: blogging space for each member
  • Courses: eLearning courseware delivery system
  • Discussions: forums to ask and/or answer questions
  • Resources: software apps, infographics, videos, webinars & more