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Zachary Brooks, PhD

Zachary Brooks, PhD

Zachary S. Brooks exudes all things “inter.” 


His life and career are “inter-professional.” He has had “lives” as an academic (University of Arizona), 

actor (Hollywood), and an adventurer (25 countries). The thread that runs through these experiences is a desire and ability to communicate across cultures defined by language, culture, and generation. 


His life as an academic embodies “interdisciplinary.” While earning his PhD at the University of Arizona, he took courses in seven colleges and graduated from both the College of Humanities and the College of Science. He has studied and presented and researched in three countries. 


His life also is emblematic of a person committed to communication across cultures. He has lived in five countries where he has picked up four languages and multiple accents and the knowledge to communicate with anyone, anywhere, online (or live in person). 


As a member of the CCLAC Advisory Board, Dr. Brooks has provided strategic vision and tactics for connecting more people to inverse learning. 

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