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      CCLAC Programs

      • Social Communication Centers

        Social Communication Centers

        Centers of social interchange between youth and adults using digital media.

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      • SkillVillage


        A self-guided activity guide that helps students teach adults and mentor them in digital literacy.

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      • Legacy Letters

        Legacy Letters

        A program we are creating to help seniors write letters about their life experience—to their children, grandchildren, extended family and friends.

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      Blogging Community

      Incubator.org provides a space where many writers can post blog entries and where readers can respond by commenting on posts.


      Course Catalog

      Incubator.org offers a curated collection of online courses that support CCLAC Programs and associated projects.


      Directory of Organizations

      The Incubator.org Directory lists selected Arizona and border region organizations including non-profits, educational institutions and community centers.


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    Learn how Incubator.org works

    Learn how Incubator.org works

    Incubator.org is a collection of collaboration applications and knowledge resources where you can access online courses and interact with members of our online community.

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