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“If you don't exist on my phone, you don't exist” - The millennial voice

PABlo created a new topic ' It’s never too late for your career to peak' in the forum. yesterday

Researchers discover that you can do the best work of your professional life at any moment.

Good news: No matter what your age, no matter if it’s your first day on the job or your last years before retirement, you are equally likely to do the best work of your career–to get on a “hot streak.”

  • The findings are courtesy of a new study in Nature by researchers from Penn State and Northwestern, who analyzed the career-long performance of more than 20,000 scientists, 3,000 artists, and 6,000 filmmakers.
  • The team assembled a massive database by mining Google Scholar citations, auction prices, and IMDB ratings, which gave the researchers a means to measure popular and commercial success of works, and then ran all of this data through complex statistical models to spot trends.

What they found is pretty extraordinary.
  • First, they confirmed the existence of a fabled “hot streak” in one’s career–a multiyear period when “winning begets more winnings” and a series of great projects are released in a finite period.
  • Anywhere from a whopping 80% to 91% of people in the analyzed professions were likely to have at least one hot streak in their career, and a third of the time or less, some people had two hot streaks. (More than two hot streaks was dubbed “rare.”Anywhere from a whopping 80% to 91% of people in the analyzed professions were likely to have at least one hot streak in their career, and a third of the time or less, some people had two hot streaks. (More than two hot streaks was dubbed “rare.”)
  • Hot streaks peaked at a bit over five years for artists and directors, and just under four years for scientists.
  • And within these hot streaks, researchers found that the two greatest achievements in someone’s professional life are likely to happen back-to-back.
  • Secondly, researchers confirmed that hot streaks are equally plausible to occur at any time during your working lifetime, a phenomenon they dubbed the “random impact rule.”
  • A conventional way of thinking tells us that indeed people tend to do their best work in mid-career, somewhere around in their thirties and forties. But this turns out to be an incomplete reading of the data.
  • This means, your best work can be, with equal probability, your very first work, very last work, or somewhere in the middle.”
  • Keep going. Don’t give up. Your hot streak may be yet to come.

SOURCE: https://www.dashunwang.com/representative-work-summary-block/hot-streaks-in-artistic-cultural-and-scientific-careers


The University of Arizona offers many unique and fascinating resources for free online, and the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment
(HiRISE) website is one of them.

HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) is the most powerful camera ever sent to another planet, one of six instruments onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. We launched in 2005, arrived at Mars in 2006 and have been imaging ever since. Our camera’s high resolution capability (imaging up to 30 centimeters per pixel) remains unprecedented for any existing orbiter in the study of the Red Planet, as well as being an indispensable instrument for helping to select landing sites for robotic and future human exploration. In the past decade, we’ve also imaged avalanches in progress, and discovered dark flows that may or may not be briny seeps. Hundreds of science papers have been published with our data.

SOURCE: www.uahirise.org


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Rosa , will you be coming back to Ombudsman ? We re preparing for next semester soon

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Melissa replied to the topic 'Doing Data for Good Right' in the forum. 3 months ago

While reading this article I found it very interesting about our data sciences we have to this day and what we're capable of doing with it to help with our issues today.

I think we can go a long way using the data science. The issue within the blog here is whether or not the scientist at Datakind should do the right thing consider by their job or by their morals. they explain how they try to keep their research open and not categorized because they know it is wrong, not label others, however, in order for them to receive the best data they must put them under categories. In this article, they go through the different questions: "How do we ensure that the predictive models we build don’t have unintended consequences - and can we ever be sure of that? How can we assess the benefits of implementing an algorithm versus the possible risks? How do we ensure that we don’t allow these ethical challenges to prevent us from taking action when the status quo is worse?".

how would you respond in an ethical situation where you have a person upset because of being labeled (i.e personality or behavior) and you know putting labels on others is not right but you must in order to gather your data?


PABlo created a new topic ' Doing Data for Good Right' in the forum. 3 months ago

The link below leads to a blog article about using data science to support humanitarian issues, and outlines the ethical principles that the DataKind community has created.

Read on and see what you think.
SOURCE: www.datakind.org/blog/doing-data-for-good-right


PABlo created a new topic ' Start your college search with Google' in the forum. 3 months ago

Google launched a new feature today that’ll let users view all the information they might want about a college directly in Search. Prospective students typically have to scour a college’s website to figure out student body demographics, tuition costs, and aid possibilities. Now, Google pulls all that data to provide stats on the average cost of schooling after student aid is applied, including how that breaks down by income, as well as graduation rates and students’ typical annual income 10 years out of school. Potential students can also explore enrollment rates, notable alumni, and similar colleges. This only applies to four-year colleges in the US.

Part of the Search data comes from the US Department of Education’s College Scorecard and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), Google says. But it also worked with “education researchers and nonprofit organizations, high school counselors, and admissions professionals” to build the feature. It’s rolling out on mobile today with some features on desktop.


According to a recent study conducted by Pew Research Center, 85 percent of teenagers (ages 13–17) say they use the platform. Closely behind are Instagram (72 percent) and Snapchat (69 percent).

Pew’s findings indicate an ongoing trend of teenagers moving away from platforms like Facebook in recent years. (It’s worth noting that Pew’s report in 2015 did not include YouTube or Reddit.)

More teenagers have access to smartphones than ever before. According to Pew, 95 percent of teens own or can access a smartphone, as opposed to 73 percent in 2015. Forty-five percent say they’re online “on a near-constant basis,” though Pew says “there is no clear consensus among teens about the effect that social media has on the lives of young people today ... Given the opportunity to explain their views in their own words, teens who say social media has had a mostly positive effect tended to stress issues related to connectivity and connection with others.”

On the other end of the spectrum are platforms like Twitter (32 percent), Tumblr (9 percent), and Reddit (7 percent). Although more teens use YouTube than any other platform, it’s worth noting that respondents say they use Snapchat the most often. It’s a close call between Snapchat and YouTube: 35 percent versus 32 percent, respectively. “It is clear the social media environment today revolves less around a single platform than it did three years ago,” the report says.


PABlo created a new topic ' How to Raise a Human' in the forum. 3 months ago

A recent NPR Health story from "All Things Considered" on the subject of how our human ancestors might have lived, shows how Grandmothers may have been the primary key to human evolution.

Since the 1960s, certain assumptions have been made about how early humans lived. The Western ideas about the division of labor and the nuclear family, were based on the so-called "Man the Hunter" theory. But a newer body of research and theory, has given us a interesting viewpoint of how to figure our past by studying modern hunter-gatherers, who have lived in the same ways for thousands of years.

An anthropologist named Kristen Hawkes and her colleagues at the University of Utah, over many extended field visits to northern Tanzania, kept track of how much food a wide sample of Hadza community members were bringing home to their families. They found out the the average hunter went out almost every single to day to hunt, but only returned home with food after a successful hunt on 3.4 percent of their hunting excursions.

This finding meant that, in the Hadza society, if people were depending ohnh wild meat to survive, they would starve.

So who was providing the majority of calories to their families and group-mates?

Read on to discover how the Moms and grandmothers were more important to child survival than the fathers were.

SOURCE: www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2018/06/07/617097908/why-grandmothers-may-hold-the-key-to-human-evolution


Last Thursday 6/7 I attended a June Fiesta Mixer which was a networking event. I was a little bit nervous to talk to the others I have to admit but after it felt really natural and interesting to talk to others. I met a lot of nice people and what they do and informed them what the CCLAC does and... Show more

Melissa replied to the topic 'Rules of Graphic Design Poster Series' in the forum. 4 months ago

I found this topic to be very interesting because of how the creative aspect connects with graphic design. I didn't know that there were rules that tied in with graphic design either, which made it very interesting.

For example I didn't know there were rules in graphic design that had grammar rules, spacing rules and typeface rules. I thought that it was also informative and helpful for others in the case of someone planning on making a graphic design poster. I would highly recommend going to this website and reading this over because it truly helps and gives lots of good tips. The visuals that were also incorporated also helped get a clear idea of their tips.

While reading this it personally made sense to me and why I recommend it , I personally am a visual person and the instructions and tips were formatted very well.


I think after reading this article I learned a lot. I feel like this topic of women working in this type of work is still a very important topic and is still an issue today.

In my opinion I do think this issue of women being in the workforce and doing what a man does is still an issue our society has to this day. For example in the article 300 women were interviewed by Caroline Wong about their experiences, background and wishes for the future. One woman who was interview quoted "The topic of women in cybersecurity has received more press in the past few years than ever before, and I think it's possible for readers to assume that women working in this field is something new- "It's not". This is exactly what I mean women in working in these types of fields are still question or even seen as being ridiculous.

I do agree with this article that we can help women stay in this workforce or any other workforce, their background, religion or ethnicity. If we could reduce the diversity for women working in this type of work force or any other type of work related success will happen down the road as the article says.


I thought this article was interesting because I personally play video games and use Facebook. I could also say I do agree with the fact that teens have stopped using Facebook. Personally as a teen myself I would say Facebook has declined because of the other well known popular apps such as Instagram, snapchat, YouTube and etc.

The people that I know that have stopped using Facebook tell me that it's because they loose interest or they get tired of using it because of the "drama". I do think the other apps out there also have to do with teens loosing interest and also video games. Video games is a popular thing right now and a fun way to connect with others around the world. Video games however also make teens connect with one another so that a bigger friendship can be created.

I believe to new games coming out and skyrocketing such as Fortnite, Pub G, Call of Duty WWII and more. The social media apps are also being updated and being used more by teens. I do also think money wise it also matters because I think of it that the so called "rich kids" have what they want and are occupied in a way but for the kids not so much richer they need Facebook and game consoles to keep them occupied.
Overall Facebook is still a trending social media app but for how long? because of gaming and other apps are pretty much taking over.


Yes, but keep in mind that students come here for all kinds of reason. You are correct that our secondary and post secondary schools considered tops [ although extremely expensive ] but that is less so for K-12. Then more specifically Arizona, we don't do so well even in comparison to only US. Mike


I read the article "How Does the Education in Your state Compare to The Rest of the World" and I thought it was very interesting. Our education system has a bit of problems within it. But our education in America is said to be the best kind of education which is why others from less fortune countries come to our country for a better education.

All education is different in countries because there are different types of systems. I didn't realize that education level is tested and compared to other education indexes. I also didn't know that the education levels can also be equaled an example is from the article , "California equals Chile, Texas equals Turkey, and, in a strange twist, Connecticut"s education level is equivalent of that of the USA. "


Melissa replied to the topic 'What Happens When Students Decide How They Learn?' in the forum. 4 months ago

I think this article was very interesting to read. I would say I agree with this article because I am a student right now and I can say that students do work better when they can voice their opinions and thoughts about their learning. However I think there should be a limit to what opinions and voices we can express.

For example if it's not for silly reasons for them to learn , such as no school for a week or pizza parties. I think that the article states very good facts and makes sense. If students are engaged in learning and feeling comfortable voicing their thoughts students won't space out during class or not pay attention or even dread going to class. I think if students give teachers feedback it really helps the teachers ti improve their learning style or even adjusting their material.
Overall if students are able to voice their opinions and thoughts it helps in future jobs as well. If students acquire that skill of giving ideas and thoughts for something such as a project it helps build confidence.


After reading this article I think it's just amazing how much our technology has grown and how it continues to grow. Technology is in all aspects of our life and it's important to know what kinds of new technology is being created. The new technology I think could be beneficial or a disadvantage.

I think the new technology being created is amazing and especially for the scientific work force. In the article it mentions that there are three major areas of focus of drug discovery, imaging and trials. For example in the imaging aspect for radiology, Israel's Zebra Medical machine taught a machine to diagnose breast cancer from 340,000 x rays. Technology is amazing when it comes to this kinds of things but technology could also be quite scary honestly as well. Most people find it scary sometimes because the tech such as Siri, Alexa, Google and more can work on their own. Many people even say they have a mind of their own. Our technology is continuing to grow and is being used in all of our aspects of life.


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