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Why it matters:
A 32-year-old restaurant worker in Chicago launched a series on TikTok about "consensual doxxing," which involves revealing the birthdays of people who ask to be found.

Kristen Sotakoun, whose account has grown from a handful of followers to more than 257,000 since beginning the series, only uses publicly available information to dox volunteers and says some of her content has ended up on data privacy forums. People in the academic field have also lauded her work -- on Twitter, coincidentally -- for highlighting gaps in privacy on social media. "It's been very cool to have people say that I'm entertaining but also teaching them something," Sotakoun says.

Full Story: NBC News https://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/tiktoker-consensually-doxxing-people-teach-social-media-privacy-rcna55037 [/url]

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PABlo created a new topic ' The kids are not alright' in the forum. 3 months ago

Math and reading test scores for America's fourth grade students dropped during the first two years of the pandemic, federal study finds; reading scores fell the most in 30 years, while math scores fell for the first time.

The pandemic—and its school shutdowns—made a massive dent in how much kids learned over the last two years. National test scores for US nine-year-olds released yesterday showed that math and reading proficiency dropped to their lowest levels in decades.

The math scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress tests, often dubbed the “nation’s report card,” reflect the first decline since the government started tracking the data in 1971, with the average score dipping seven points between 2020 and 2022. The average reading score went down five points, the largest fall in more than 30 years.

Covid didn’t affect all kids equally: The lowest-performing students were the most impacted.

  • Kids in the 90th percentile had a mere three-point drop in math, while scores dipped 12 points for those in the bottom 10th.
    Though scores went down across racial lines, the gap between Black and white students in math widened. Scores dropped 13 points for Black students but just five points for white students, increasing the existing disparity by eight points.
  • The steepest declines were in the Midwest and Northeast, though scores decreased all across the US.
  • And it’s not just test scores that are looking grim—school violence, absenteeism, cyberbullying, and students using mental health services, as well as teacher vacancies, all went up during the pandemic.

Big picture: Your mom might have assured you that the fourth-grade geology test you failed won’t matter in the long run, but…education experts say it will be tough for kids who fell this far behind at age nine to catch up. That means Covid’s toll on education is likely to have economic consequences for a long time to come.

Still, schools are racing to get kids back up to speed. The federal government has earmarked $122 billion to help students get past the pandemic, and some of that cash is being spent on tutoring. More after-school programs and summer schools are other options to get kids where they need to be.

Reading, math scores fell sharply during pandemic, data show
Reading and Math Scores Plummeted During Pandemic, New Data Show

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Why it matters:
In an effort to battle shortages in teachers and child care providers, New Mexico unveiled a new program that encourages state workers and members of the National Guard to take time from their regular jobs to become substitute teachers and child care workers. The workers must pass a background check and complete online workshops.

Full Story: National Public Radio

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Cybersecurity ranks among the highest paying tech jobs. And professionals can launch their cybersecurity career in a matter of weeks.

With the number of cybersecurity threats growing, cybersecurity professionals play an essential role in protecting networks and private data. That's why a growing number of organizations rely on cybersecurity professionals. Entry-level cybersecurity jobs pay high salaries with strong demand. Professionals with experience increase their salaries and responsibilities in diverse cybersecurity careers. While many employers prefer job candidates with a degree, cybersecurity bootcamps can also prepare learners for the job market.

Launching a successful cybersecurity career requires more than technical skills, however. Professionals also need soft skills, a strong resume, and clear career goals.

I'm working on documentation that I will place on this site (as part of my current professional research in the field of Cybersecurity) that will be a combination of "How-to" Guide and also a description of what I'm going through as I learn more about the various types of cybersecurity jobs.

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