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Why it matters:
In an effort to battle shortages in teachers and child care providers, New Mexico unveiled a new program that encourages state workers and members of the National Guard to take time from their regular jobs to become substitute teachers and child care workers. The workers must pass a background check and complete online workshops.

Full Story: National Public Radio

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Cybersecurity ranks among the highest paying tech jobs. And professionals can launch their cybersecurity career in a matter of weeks.

With the number of cybersecurity threats growing, cybersecurity professionals play an essential role in protecting networks and private data. That's why a growing number of organizations rely on cybersecurity professionals. Entry-level cybersecurity jobs pay high salaries with strong demand. Professionals with experience increase their salaries and responsibilities in diverse cybersecurity careers. While many employers prefer job candidates with a degree, cybersecurity bootcamps can also prepare learners for the job market.

Launching a successful cybersecurity career requires more than technical skills, however. Professionals also need soft skills, a strong resume, and clear career goals.

I'm working on documentation that I will place on this site (as part of my current professional research in the field of Cybersecurity) that will be a combination of "How-to" Guide and also a description of what I'm going through as I learn more about the various types of cybersecurity jobs.

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The K-12 Cybersecurity Act directs CISA to study cybersecurity risks related to schools and develop recommendations as well as toolkits to help educators.

Cybersecurity experts hailed the K-12 Cybersecurity Act this week after US President Joe Biden signed it into law on October 8, officially kicking off efforts by CISA to examine the cybersecurity risks associated with K-12 educational institutions.

The law, which became one of the rare bills to pass in both the House and Senate, instructs CISA to examine the threats facing the nation's schools and then provide recommendations as well as toolkits to educators on cybersecurity hygiene.

There have been hundreds of cyberattacks against schools as cybercriminals seek out sensitive student and employee records over the last few years. The problem has gotten even worse since remote learning became the dominant mode of operation duringthe COVID-19 pandemic.

Schools now face a barrage of ransomware attacks alongside other incidents that leak critical data from students and administrators alike.

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A survey finds that executives are drawing up post-pandemic work policies without employees' input, who are willing to quit if their employers don't deliver.

Business leaders are "holding on to the remnants of the past" by failing to recognize fundamental shifts in the workforce -- leaving them with a potential talent exodus on their hands.

A survey of more than 10,500 knowledge workers found that many company executives continue to view the office as the nerve centre of work, despite a growing preference for flexible-working policies amongst employees.

Organizations risk losing talent if they fail to recognize "an inflection point in the workforce" brought about by the recent pivot to remote working, the report said, as well as damaging gains in workplace equality.

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Why it matters: If you have been on a virtual call recently (and who hasn't?), you can thank Marian Croak, who is being inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for being one of the pioneers behind Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, which makes it all possible. Croak and Dr. Patricia Bath, whose invention vaporizes cataracts via a 1-millimeter hole, are the first two Black women to be inducted into the NIHF (Bath is receiving hers posthumously). Maybe someday such diversity will be so commonplace that it won't merit a mention like this.

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