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thank you pablo

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Reading the article i think that its true i really like music. and i was thinking when we hear a tone or song for the first time you usally anticipate and know what happens next. why do we often use simpler songs for babies like lullabies, when you make think a aliitle more complicated they absorb like a sponge , like a study i saw on a guy who would intensly show his baby jazz and music theory seems a bit harsh but the son ended up having perfect pitch. i think that music is a good way to express your self because if a certaing vibration or frequency defines an emotuion that we make . when we play music at a certain frequency or vibration make you feel that one feeling ni one can explain

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Daniel Campos is friends with Betzayda Madrid

Why it matters: Have you ever noticed that many conversations people have about their tastes in music revolve around what they don't like? In general, people tend to dislike music they can't relate to. As it turns out, many of the underlying structures and melodic elements of all types of tunes are similar, according to new research. In a world where people often struggle to understand each other, it's nice to know that a universal language could exist.

Read more: ScienceAlert (Australia)

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