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WHAT (is

It's an online community platform portal that offers a Safe Space and merges multiple organizational features with private internal network functionality, enabling members to learn, connect, collaborate, grow, reflect, share their experiences and knowledge, and thrive more easily and securely in today’s complex world.


Technology driven online research & insights provided by data.

Relevant content

Members are encouraged to produce useful and authentic content, and because it’s user-generated content (UGC) it's more likely to be discussed and shared.

Mobile responsiveness

More people worldwide access the internet from mobile devices than from their desktop/laptop computer, so is mobile-responsive to make the online community experience more rewarding for members, even those without computers.

Reputation system

As a way to motivate members and empower them to get to know and trust one another, has a robust reputation system, which is a structure that recognizes users for their participation in order to build trust through reputation, similar to what amounts in the real world to the Reputation Economy.


Members are encouraged to participate, discuss, and share with each other more frequently, by being rewarded for their actions, like when a member posts something, replies with a comment, or gives kudos ("likes") on another member’s post. 

"gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun"

Performance measurement

It's beneficial to be able to measure the health and wellness of the online commmunity and take any action necessary to make improvements to the features and functions that matter the most to members. uses analytics to provide insights into member activities including: blog articles that are written and published, courses that are taken and learned from, discussions that are participated in, and interactive responsiveness to the needs and interests of fellow members.


Rapid, dramatic change is now the new norm.

Big changes in global internet user numbers and the world’s digital behaviors have shown some of the most profound changes seen in years, even compared with “the pandemic years”. The latest research reveals that these behaviors are evolving in a number of unexpected ways, too.

Smartphone adoption is growing by leaps and bounds.

New ways of consuming content with our phones are now placing emphasis on how important it is to be able to define specific, achievable goals that are related to these changes. We want to help you stay motivated and track your progress, as you embrace change, and develop a growth mindset.

Digital technology has changed life in many ways.

New applications driven by cloud computing, blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are influencing culture and rapidly changing the course of history. helps us to gather and analyze the data and insights needed to make sense of the latest trends.

Reach Training Goals Faster with's EdTech Solutions

Feature Packed for all your Learning Needs empowers integrators & developers to design, build and deliver cutting edge learning solutions serving a variety of use cases.

Online eLearning Classes

Virtual Reality Scenario Training

Virtual reality training can give students their onboarding and ‘first day’ experience from the safety of the classroom where mistakes can be gently corrected and quickly learned from.

Cognitive Computing

On the cutting edge of eLearning technology lies cognitive computing. This computerized, digital system is meant to mimic human brain function to come to conclusions using a mix of artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and contextual awareness. 

Interactive IoT Learning

The Internet of Things, Smart Home, and Smart Business innovations are changing the landscape of modern business tech quite significantly. However, where IoT really shines is in business automation, especially when combined with the voice controls of the smart “home” hubs. Any process that can be automated can also be voice-activated, meaning you can significantly streamline repetitive tasks to be completed in an almost conversational way with a computer or smart home hub. Simply having an infrastructure that responds to voice and mobile app commands can help professional learners gain a stronger grasp on company procedures.

Paired Learning with a ‘Pen Pal’

Paired learning can either be by going through online training materials while partnered with another student in a different location or it can be used to pair individual student/trainees with a mentor when the pair will be in two separate locations. This allows collaboration and interactive learning without anyone having to learn away from home. Video chat is usually considered the best way to do paired learning though, of course, email gets a fair workout during this process as well. Elevates User Experience with its Enhanced PWA UI 

The enhanced User Interface (UI) provides visually engaging prompts and graphics, enticing users to install the Progressive Web App (PWA) onto their devices. 

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