How Apps on Android Share Data with Facebook - Report

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There's a Whole List of Popular Apps Sending Your Data Off to Facebook

Popular Android apps send off your data even if you never log in to Facebook with them.

The new study from Privacy International sheds light on a slew of popular Android apps that provide user data to Facebook without the explicit consent of users who don't necessarily have to be logged in to Facebook or even maintain an account to have their data snagged.

Of the 34 apps examined in the study, 20 were found to share data with Facebook, sometimes at the exact point of activating the app. The apps examined, which include the language study guide Duolingo and the travel-booking giant Kayak, were built using the open-source Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK). Sixty-one percent of the apps tested were found to transmit data back to Facebook "from the moment a user opens the app," according to the study.


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