Update about Atlas Obscura Podcast

4 years 7 months ago #93 by PABlo
The Atlas Obscura
The definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders.
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3 years 1 month ago #141 by PABlo
Dylan Thuras, the Cofounder of Atlas Obscura has announced that the Atlas Obscura PODCAST is now up and running.
"After this past year, we might all be eager to experience a bit more of the world. 
One of the reasons we founded Atlas Obscura was to help people fall in love with the world's fascinating, wondrous aspects—
without boarding a plane or taking a long road trip. I may never see Antarctica’s Blood Falls or travel to the aptly named Inaccessible Island, 
but knowing they are out there expands my world and brings me real joy."

"It’s the same idea with our podcast. It is our invitation to hear the stories and meet 
the people behind a collection of endlessly surprising places, 
including The Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan and the Oldest Swimming Pool in Iceland, 
as well as sights in the United States, such as a memorial in Alabama to the first monkey sent to space
and a melting glacier in Montana full of extinct grasshoppers. 
With each episode, The Atlas Obscura Podcast is a daily escape in 15 minutes or less."

"So, starting today, join me and our incredible team of reporters and editors on
 a daily exploration and celebration of some of the world’s most wondrous, 
unexpected, and even strange places. We look forward to sharing the world with you in a whole new way!"


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