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What leads women to cybersecurity, and what makes them stay?

4 years 3 months ago #18 by PABlo
Many studies have shown that different perspectives result in a better understanding of problems and, ultimately, in better solutions for everybody. But even though it’s an industry where problem solving is of primary importance, cybersecurity still lags behind when it comes to diversity in the workforce.

For example, women still constitute only around 11 percent of the global information security workforce, even though they are definitely not a minority in the general populace.

Encouraging and supporting women to enter and keep working in the cybersecurity sector could be a good way to narrow the cybersecurity workforce gap.

Source: Women in Cyber Security

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4 years 3 weeks ago #41 by Melissa
I think after reading this article I learned a lot. I feel like this topic of women working in this type of work is still a very important topic and is still an issue today.

In my opinion I do think this issue of women being in the workforce and doing what a man does is still an issue our society has to this day. For example in the article 300 women were interviewed by Caroline Wong about their experiences, background and wishes for the future. One woman who was interview quoted "The topic of women in cybersecurity has received more press in the past few years than ever before, and I think it's possible for readers to assume that women working in this field is something new- "It's not". This is exactly what I mean women in working in these types of fields are still question or even seen as being ridiculous.

I do agree with this article that we can help women stay in this workforce or any other workforce, their background, religion or ethnicity. If we could reduce the diversity for women working in this type of work force or any other type of work related success will happen down the road as the article says.

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