PlanetScape: Immersive Multimedia Project Synthesizes Music, Science, Visual Art and Technology

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“As we humans explore the universe and all of its wonders, we seek out and engage with the ever-changing environments that surround us,” says Winslow Burleson, professor in the University of Arizona School of Information.

Burleson is one of the creatives behind PlanetScape, a collaboration between the iSchool and University of Arizona School of Music, School of Dance, Department of Astronomy, Research Technologies Department, and Live and Immersive Art. Other project leads include Yuanyuan (Kay) He, assistant professor of music and iSchool affiliated faculty, Peter Torpey, director of the Live and Immersive Arts program, and Chris Impey, distinguished professor of astronomy and an astronomer at Steward Observatory.

PlanetScape is an immersive multimedia project synthesizing music, science, visual art and technology. The convergence research collaboration is catalyzed by the union of concepts at the confluence of astronomy, humanity, artistic expression through music and dance, and socio-technical experience.

“PlanetScape’s collaboration draws upon the rich array of resources at the university, from world-class astronomy to the Holodeck/Sensor Lab’s state-of-the-art technology, fusing these to create groundbreaking interactive arts and novel creative experiences that spark curiosity and foster discovery,” says Burleson, who directs the UArizona Holodeck, a National Science Foundation MRI Track 2 Development project.

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