Remote-working jobs: Disaster looms as managers refuse to listen

2 years 6 months ago #148 by PABlo
A survey finds that executives are drawing up post-pandemic work policies without employees' input, who are willing to quit if their employers don't deliver.

Business leaders are "holding on to the remnants of the past" by failing to recognize fundamental shifts in the workforce -- leaving them with a potential talent exodus on their hands.

A survey of more than 10,500 knowledge workers found that many company executives continue to view the office as the nerve centre of work, despite a growing preference for flexible-working policies amongst employees.

Organizations risk losing talent if they fail to recognize "an inflection point in the workforce" brought about by the recent pivot to remote working, the report said, as well as damaging gains in workplace equality.

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2 years 6 months ago #149 by PABlo
The Future Forum Pulse survey, which quizzed knowledge workers in the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany and Japan between July and August 2021, also found that workers were largely being left out of the planning of post-pandemic working policies -- suggesting that these plans are being designed around the working preferences of senior leadership.


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