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GIMP is an open source, free software program for graphic design and image editing or photo manipulation.

Gmail Tools - Auto BCC

If you’ve ever had the headache of wanting to always blind copy, or copy another email address on an email, CloudHQ has the perfect tool for you!

Gmail Tools - Free Email Tracker

It’s hard to overstate the versatility of CloudHQ's Free Email Tracker tool. It’s completely free for anyone with a Gmail account and includes the following features:

Gmail Tools - Gmail Snippets

Have you ever written the same emails, even using the same language, over and over? Gmail Snippets is a completely free Chrome extension that uses keyboard shortcuts to suggest commonly used phrases, introductions, product pitches, acknowledgements, and more.

Gmail Tools - Meeting Scheduler

Forget about manually checking your Google Calendar and juggling a bunch of emails to schedule meetings! The free Meeting Scheduler for Gmail extension works directly from your Gmail account and automatically connects with your Google Calendar.

Gmail Tools - Save Emails to PDF

Most of us have deleted emails we wish we hadn’t. CloudHQ's Save Emails to PDF extension lets you convert your emails into hard-copy PDFs with a single click!

GNU Cash

Personal & small business financial accounting program.

Google Sketchup

Sketchup is a great free 3D drawing program, with lots of fun features. 

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