Quick & Dirty Writing Advice:
Consume media that inspires you, play video games, listen to music, watch movies, read books that make you want to write

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Meant to say share and not shirt LOL

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How blogging can change lives

When we choose to blog, we can choose to share our stories and content that is meaningful. Here is one example from my public speaking website. Enjoy the variety of ideas which can help anyone re-imagine their own life. enriquecfeldman.com/blog/ Abrazos! Enrique

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Why I think blogging is important

I love to share ideas that are relevant in concrete enough to help inspire others inspire them shelves. Here is one of my sites: www.samtheant.com/blog/ Cheers!

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Enrique Feldman I blog often from two sites of mine. One of them is focused on educational strategies. Check it out

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