Imagine if all schools were built with students’ voices and thoughts in mind.

1 month 3 days ago #162 by PABlo
Here's a thought:

Students who know their opinions matters and their voices are respected are more likely to engage actively in their school and community. When students’ voices aren’t heard, we’re more likely to see disengagement, lower graduation rates, and teachers teaching for students to pass tests rather than truly learn.

As students voice their own opinions and actively participate in their learning, they’re seeing that they can make effective change.

This improves their sense of what psychologist Alfred Bandura coined as “self-efficacy,” or the extent to which they believe that they can accomplish their goals.

WHAT IS SELF-EFFICACY? Do a Google search for "Alfred Bandura self-efficacy" and you should find something like THIS

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1 month 3 days ago #163 by PABlo
The voice of the future is the collective voice of students speaking up right now. Rethinking the way we incorporate student voices into education is one way to improve the way they’re taught, as well as strengthen their engagement with learning. Empowering them with self-efficacy will drive them towards serving the community as a whole.

What are YOUR thoughts about this subject?

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