• How Incubator.org Works

The Online Community Platform That Leads To The Future

The Online Community Platform That Leads To The Future

Incubator.org is an Online Community Collaboration platform that merges multiple organizational functions within a secure, private internal network. Incubator.org combines multiple functions within one community platform, allowing organizations to collaborate, grow, reflect, and thrive more easily and securely in today’s complex world:

  • content sharing
  • blogging space
  • e-learning courseware
  • private social media networking
  • discussion forums
  • qualitative data analysis
  • and more...

Incubator.org merges these communication tools an organization needs to examine and iterate on its internal practices, maintaining data evaluation of the effectiveness of practices and initiatives. Individual profiles are created, groups with particular permissions are set up, content is generated and shared, internal communications can be aggregated and rendered for decision-making, and the organization’s internal communications are protected from outside exposure or interference. Companies like Facebook and Google are often used by today’s organizations, but we now know that these platforms are far from secure.

Incubator.org is built with Responsive Design -- mobile-enabled, so that users are able to connect securely through the Internet of Things, even from a phone or tablet. Any Incubator.org user who is experienced with Facebook will be comfortable with the Community component and able to get a lot done quickly. Incubator.org’s features and functionality are capable of stimulating group participation, conversational exchange, and special interests.

Integration of the Community component with the other features (e.g. courses, discussion forums) can leverage the overall amount of usage of the platform and thus increase the amount of data being generated that the organization can use to enhance the flow of work, data evaluation, and communication. This data can be used to make better informed decisions for the organization.

In ancient times, walled cities allowed communities to share ideas, create and distribute products, conduct commerce, and generally work together without threat of attack from ambitious outsiders. Imagine being able to stand on the wall of such a city, observing the flow of goods and information within, trouble-shooting problem spots, and generally being able to reflect on the overall functioning of the community, with an eye to security from outside.

Incubator.org serves all those functions and is now available as a licensed platform for communities and organizations of all kinds.