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How To Update Your Profile

To update your profile go to the COMMUNITY (top menu) and select "Profile" on the dropdown.

Here you'll be able to update your avatar image/photo, "About Me" details, and contact information (kept private). For a more thorough walkthrough of each section in your profile, read the "Fill Out Your Profile" section in the Getting Started - User's Guide.

Update "About Me" page

Upload/Change Your Profile Photo

Navigate Your Dashboard

Adjust Your Account Notification Settings

Reset Your Password

Privacy - Contact Information

Update Your Privacy Settings

Change Your Email Settings

Sending and Receiving Messages

Sending Messages to Community Members

Subscribe to the CCLAC Newsletter

Searching Community

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forum Details

Subscribe to Discussion Forum Topics or Categories

Discussion Forum Categories

Liking a Topic

Quote a Topic or Reply

Special Groups

Group Notifications

Post a Topic to Your Group

Leaving Comments

Add Files, Photos, and Videos to Your Group

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