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Will the GrandPad allow seniors to stay in touch with their friends and family?

3 years 3 months ago #32 by PABlo
The ageing of the Baby Boomer generation has created a growing market for innovations aimed at seniors. These include a smart scheduler for medications and a shoe that can call for help if the wearer falls.

Since 1995, Consumer Cellular has pioneered a no-contract plan model, focusing on retirees and seniors. Now they are expanding their formula to tablet computers. They have released a tablet designed for older users. Called the GrandPad, it is a touch-screen tablet integrated with internet and cellular service. The features of the GrandPad include dual front-facing speakers for clearer sound, a large holding area on the edges of the tablet, and a brighter screen. The tablet comes with a wireless charging dock, to eliminate tangled cables, built-in customer support with access to live operators, and flashlight and magnifying glass applications. In addition, the touch screen features large digital icons such as “call” and “new email”.

Consumer Cellular also realised that connecting with family is particularly important for seniors, so the subscription service includes a private family network. Family members can use the network to securely update phone numbers, and send emails, photos, and comments to the GrandPad. Only approved senders’ messages are sent to the users’ email, weeding out spam and scams. A specially-designed Lyft app is also being added to the screen. This will enable users to press icons such as “home” or “doctor” to order rides to pre-set addresses. The app can also notify family members when the user has arrived at their destination.

The company is also testing a motion-sensor that will be able to notify caregivers if a user has changed their normal patterns, for example, sleeping unusually late. Subscriptions, which include the tablet, charger, case, stylus, internet plan, support and all apps, start at $49 USD a month.

Source: www.grandpad.net

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