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This Desert City Is Aiming For A Completely Sustainable, Zero-Waste Future

2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #21 by PABlo
Scorching sun, little water, and endless sand: The desert doesn’t exactly bring to mind sustainability. But that’s just the idea behind creating Masdar City in the United Arab Emirates. This limited-car, sustainable oasis aims to change the way we “future-proof” liveable cities.

A decade ago, a development company working with the government of Abu Dhabi set out to create the most sustainable city in the world and provide a model for adaptable and regenerative urban plans for the long-term future. The idea was to create a small city where people would live and work in jobs that focus on technology and sustainability.

It looks like no city before. Terracotta walls dot the cube-shaped city, and a 148-foot wind tower modeled on traditional Arab designs sucks air from above and pushes a cooling breeze through Masdar’s streets. Designers built the city a little elevated and placed buildings close together to shield pedestrians from the sun’s heat. The city was originally designed to be car-free, with residents zipping around in personal and public transport autonomous vehicles. There are no light switches or water taps in the city; movement sensors control lighting and water to cut electricity and water consumption in half.

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